Yakitori specialty store "Minami-Aoyama Toriyako" February 20 NEW OPEN!

Yantori specialty store “Ginza Toriya Sachi” “Roppongi Toriya Sachi” sister store, further excellence, “Minami Aoyama Toriya Sachi” February 20 NEW OPEN

Preco Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will open Yakitori specialty store "Minami-Aoyama Toriyako" on February 20, 2020. "Torayayuki" is a well-known yakitori restaurant that has been selected as a famous gourmet guide and makes many gourmet growls. This store is a new store that uses the know-how and craftsmanship cultivated at the Ginza and Roppongi stores. This time, in commemoration of the new store opening, we will also try crowdfunding on a site called McAke!

Among the “Toriyayuki” dishes, we have prepared a premium course where you can fully enjoy the “Hinai chicken” skewers that are popular at the Ginza and Roppongi stores. Make up. In order to fully enjoy the supreme taste, we thoroughly pursued our commitment to location, space and service.

At Minamiaoyama Toriyako, you can enjoy a wide range of uses, such as counter seats where you can enjoy the craftsman's skills right in front of you, and private rooms that are private spaces with no hesitation. We will meet the needs of customers who want a time higher than that of "Toriyako", and we will welcome you in a finest skewer and high-class space.

… What is the “Toriyako” brand…
The concept is [the highest peak of everyday use].
Since opening in 2012, this shop has been offering mainly salt-baked yakitori to bring out the full flavor of the ingredients. Mainly Hinai chicken, craftsmen bake juicy and exciting ingredients with Bincho charcoal. The interior of the store is unified with a calm tone while being a sophisticated space, so you can enjoy yakitori without stretching your shoulders.

■ Carefully hand-picked one of the three largest chickens in Japan [Hinnai chicken] every morning
We offer selected brand chickens from all over Japan, centering on the "Akita prefecture Hinai chicken" that is highly evaluated by Tsutsu among the three biggest chickens in Japan. The carefully selected materials that set it apart from other stores are skewered with the utmost spirit.

■ Bring out the taste of chicken to the limit and provide it
The characteristic of Hinai chicken is that it has a suitable texture and you can fully enjoy the original richness and taste of chicken. A skewer that is perfectly struck without any mess so that you can enjoy the crispy texture and original taste of chicken until the end of eating is worth seeing.

■ Minami Aoyama store limited premium course
At the Minami-Aoyama store, we offer a limited premium course where you can fully enjoy "Hinai chicken" skewers.
It is also ideal for meetings with your precious lover or friends and for business meetings.
In the course, the seasonal vegetables that are best combined with yakitori and the deliciousness of chicken are enhanced.
Providing fresh "onion" etc. It has a very premium menu structure.

■ Private or entertaining ... Course meals that meet various needs
"4,800 yen course" (excluding tax)
Assortment of 5 seasonal vegetables
6 Hinai chicken roasted chicken skewers
3 seasonal vegetable skewers

"8,000 yen course" (excluding tax)
3 chicken specialties
Two types of Hinai chicken
6 Hinai chicken roasted chicken skewers
3 seasonal vegetable skewers
Foie gras and white liver putty
Chicken stock soup with steamed rice, etc.

At Minamiaoyama Toriyako, all grilled chicken from the course uses Hinai chicken. Rare parts such as daily specials have also appeared, making the yakitori lover growl. However, some parts are limited depending on the arrival status, so it is recommended to make a reservation in order to ensure enjoyment. In addition, we are particular about one-item dishes other than yakitori, and sophisticated one-piece dishes are introduced one after another according to the season. Please enjoy it according to the scene.

■ A lot of domestic drinks are adopted and line up from all over the country

d54091-3-380383-4.jpgAs well as the classic beer, sake, and shochu, there are many domestically produced wines and whiskeys.

Premium items and "hidden sake" not on the menu are also available so that you can enjoy the marriage with your favorite things without being bound by theory. We have a wide range of standard items from 750 yen (excluding tax). Please feel free to ask the staff in the mood of the day. You can enjoy your own marriage.

Beer is "Ebisu Meister barrel raw" (750 yen) and "Sapporo Lager Beer" Akahoshi "" (medium bottle 950 yen), lineup representing old and new. There are always 15 types of sake from all over Japan. There are more than 30 types of wine, including domestic ones. We have selected items that are perfect for our specialty Yakitori.

■ Challenging crowdfunding!
In commemoration of the opening of the new store, we will also try crowdfunding at a site called McAke.
We would like to thank all of you who have always taken care of us, and also to our customers who would like to know about the new store in Minami Aoyama.
We have prepared a limited course at a special price where you can fully enjoy the highest yakitori, with the desire to use it once.
There are also benefits available at the Ginza and Roppongi stores, so please take a look.
* There is a possibility that it will be sold out soon because it is available in a limited quantity. Please understand in advance.


【store information】
Minamiaoyama Toriya Sachi
Address: 107-0062 Sumitomo Minami Aoyama Building B1F, 5-11-5 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 4 minutes walk from Omotesando station
Business hours: 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (Food L.O. 22: 00 / Drink L.O. 22:30)
Phone number: 03-6427-7529
Stores operated: Toriyako Ginza, Toriyako Roppongi http://toriya-kou.jp