5 local sweets from all over Japan! A lineup of unique and delicious Japanese sweets.

Carefully selected unique Japanese sweets from all over Japan! This time, we would like to introduce 5 exquisite Japanese sweets that are loved in various places. From the ones that use innovative ingredients to the ones that look interesting, there are only unique Japanese desserts you should try!

1. Zunda Mochi (Miyagi)
"Zunda Mochi," a local confectionery in Miyagi Prefecture. The green appearance is distinctive. What is used as a foodstuff is "edamame"! Unique Japanese sweets made from mashed edamame soup and topped on rice cakes. A delicious sweet rice cake and an edamame that has a fragrant scent that exudes a perfect match. It can be purchased at Sendai Station, Sendai Airport, around Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport. At "Zunda Saryo" in Sendai Station, you can enjoy "Zunda Mochi (Sencha with salt and kelp) (630 JPY (incl. Tax))".
Zunda Mochi (Miyagi)
1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Sendai Station 3F

2. Fried Manju (Tokyo)
Manju (wrapped with thin skin made from wheat flour etc.) is one of the representative Japanese sweets. In many parts of Japan, "fried buns", which are boldly fried in buns, are popular. By frying in oil, the texture is accentuated, the sweetness of the bean paste is felt more, and the taste is doubled! It is said that the origin is Fukushima Prefecture, but you can also taste it in the big city of Tokyo. In Asakusa, which is popular with many tourists, there is the well-established fried manju "Asakusa Kuju." You can choose your favorite fried bun from 11 types including standard (130 yen) and matcha (170 yen).
rs 2.jpg
Fried Manju (Tokyo)
2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

3. Izumo Zenzai (Shimane)
"Izumo Zenzai" is a Japanese sweet that originated in Shimane. These sweets are made by adding mochi and white balls to azuki beans that have been softly boiled with sugar and finished with a gentle sweetness. Speaking of Shimane, there is "Izumo Taisha" which has good profits. In front of the main gate of Izumo Taisha Shrine, there is a souvenir shop and a street called "Enen Yokocho" where you can taste Shimane gourmet. At Izumo Zenzai Mochi, which sits in a corner of the alley, you can enjoy Izumo zenzai in the store and there are limited souvenirs.
rs 3.jpg
Izumo Zenzai (Shimane)
840-1 Kitsuki Minami, Taisha Town, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture

4. Karukan (Kagoshima)
"Karukan", a famous confectionery in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is characterized by a firm and plump texture. Natural yam is used as the main raw material. By using plenty of natural yams, you can enjoy the unique texture unique to Karukan. We also recommend the "Karukan Manju" with bean paste inside. Speaking of Karukan's famous stores, "Mashishiji Akashiya". At the head office, you can buy the standard products such as "Karukan 8 (1,296 JPY (incl. Tax))" and "Karukan Manju 8 pieces (1,512 JPY (incl. Tax))". You can also enjoy it in the store, so please stop by.
rs 4.jpg
Karukan (Kagoshima)
4-16 Kinseicho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

5. Suddenly dumplings (Kumamoto)
Kumamoto Prefecture's local sweet "Ikinari Dango". Inside is a beautiful two-layer structure of sweet potato and red bean paste. Wrap these in a skin made from flour and steam. A slightly salty skin and sweet potato and azuki bean paste, which makes you feel the sweetness of the material as you chew, are a perfect match for a simple yet delicious taste. You can purchase it at Kumamoto Airport or Kumamoto Station.
rs 5.jpg
Suddenly dumplings (Kumamoto)
1802-2 Kotani, Mashiki-cho, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture

Did you find any Japanese sweets that you are interested in? When you go to various places, please enjoy the gourmet food unique to that area.
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