The highest volume of "Star Bowl" ever! I tried "All-star Yakiniku bowl"


The long self-restraint period is finally over. I still need a mask, but the days when I can shake up a major restaurant and eat out are back. If so, after all, the long-awaited start of eating must be selected from "Gutsuri type"! From the numerous shops, the destination is... The legendary Star Bowl restaurant, an oasis of heart that meat-loving people love.
Moreover, at the same store, on May 29, we started offering a new limited menu "All Star Yakiniku Bowl". What should I do without taking advantage of this good timing... So I went to the store to eat!

Eat-in (with miso soup): 930 yen (tax included)
There are three kinds of meat that are served on a bowl, beef ribs, pork toro, and chicken. In addition, shredded cabbage is laid to separate garlic sprouts and onions from meat and rice.
I will put raw eggs and eat it at once. Oh, the sweet and specially made Star Minato Yakiniku meat and vegetables fried in a sauce are delicious!  The texture itself, which is different from the taste of the meat itself, is the accent.

The rice that we arrived at after smashing through the meat was in a state where the special sauce was spotted along with the shredded cabbage. Ugh, it's full of deliciousness, whether you cook it at the same time as the meat, or just eat it with rice and a thousand cabbage. The garlic sprouts and the texture of the onions also accentuate this, and the mayonnaise that is added also exquisitely changes the taste. At the end, wash your mouth with miso soup and finish. It was delicious!
♪ The chewy taste of the meat of each of beef, pork, and chicken, and the rice that goes on with is delicious. Why not try full-charging your power and stamina all at once with a cup that has the highest volume of Stadon. You can also take out, so you can fully enjoy it at home or at work!
"Legendary Sutadon shop / Specialty Sutadon shop" All-star Yakiniku bowl
Period: May 29, 2020 (Fri) ~ *Limited time period
Sale: "Legendary sutadon shop / specialty sutadon shop" all over Japan
(Wing Kitchen Kanazawa Hakkei store, Diver City Tokyo Plaza store, Pasar Hasuda (up line) store, Nakano Shimbashi store, Mi-san's store does not sell)
*Prices vary at some stores