"Let's protect the craft beer culture of remote islands." Craft beer regular service "Futari Nomi" will release a limited set of brewery support sets for remote islands suffering from a decrease in tourists due to corona.

meuron Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshimasa Kanazawa) has 235 sets of “Remote island brewery support sets” that support breweries in remote islands where tourism is in a difficult situation due to the effects of the prolonged corona damage. It will be sold only for a limited time. “Futari Nomi”, which offers craft beer selected carefully from 800 types, supports the craft beer culture of remote islands that we want to protect in new everyday life.

"Protect craft beer on remote islands"-A limited set of craft beer carefully made one by one on six islands surrounded by beautiful nature

After the declaration of an emergency caused by a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, the refraining from going out has become moderate. However, when traveling across prefectures, especially when traveling to remote islands, many are self-defended due to the suspension of physical transportation means, the spread of infection, and concerns about the medical system. The economic impact continues.

Due to the drastic decrease in tourists, some breweries who make craft beer on remote islands have said that they have been hit hard with a large inventory. Therefore, with the idea that we would like to support those who want to travel to remote islands but can not go to remote island breweries who want to deliver beer to customers, "Futari Nomi" has prepared a craft beer set that supports remote island breweries. It was Tanegashima, Yakushima, Amami Islands, Shodoshima, Rokushima, Ishigaki Island. At these islands where you can think of beautiful nature just by listening to their names, we are carefully assorted with carefully crafted beers.

Through “seasonal events” and various campaigns, “Futari Nomi” will continue to help customers upgrade their craft beer time to a “more wonderful toast” time.

■ Campaign content
A limited number of 235 sets of "Remote Island Brewery Support Set" that supports remote island breweries will be sold.
You can enjoy craft beer that uses ingredients unique to the remote islands, such as wheat and wild yeast made using the blessings of each island, awamori and tankan.

Set contents delivered this time

[6 remote island craft beers]
・Catch the Beer (Yakushima): SENJU
・Amami Hanahana Ale (Amami archipelago): Tan Camper Ale
・Mamema beer (Shodoshima): White Stout
・Rokushimahama Brewery (Rokushima): The beginning of Rokushima barley
・Ishigakijima Beer (Ishigakijima): High Beer Light
・Tanegashima Brewery*
: Organic Wheat/Organic Stout/Organic Pale Ale
*One of the above 3 brands will be included depending on the stock status
*The product photos are images of items that are normally shipped, and are not the actual products that are sent.

■ How to apply for the campaign

1. Register as a member from “Futari Nomi“ (https://futarinomi.com/).
2. Purchase one of "Regular delivery plan" and "One-time delivery plan".
3. If you have purchased "Regular Delivery Plan", tap "Select Delivery Set" from My Page and select "Remote Island Brewery Support Set". (There is no "Select delivery set" in the "One-time delivery plan".)

Deadline for application of "Remote Island Brewery Support Set": 6/28 (Sun) 23:59
Shipment date of "Isolated Island Brewery Support Set": Thursday, July 9

For more information: https://note.com/futarinomi/n/n17814bb2d1f2

■ Fee
・"Regular delivery plan": 3,980 yen (cool shipping fee included, tax not included)
・"One-time delivery plan": 4,980 yen (cool shipping fee included, tax not included)

[To all breweries who are troubled by the effects of the new coronavirus (COVID-19)]
"Futari Nomi” seeks daily to help the breweries. We will do our best to help you with the delivery set, such as sales, as well as interviews and interviews.
If you have any brewery problems, please feel free to contact us.
Inquiries for breweries: https://futarinomi.com/brewery


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