High-quality matcha sweets at the cafe of Tsuji Ribei Honten, a long-established store in Uji, Kyoto

There are many sweets made from mellow matcha ground in a stone mill at the Tsujiribei Main Store dormitory in Uji, a tea shop in Kyoto. It is so popular that even the locals with their tongues can repeat it.

A store that renovated a teahouse in the Edo period
You can also book popular seats overlooking the garden
About 5 minutes on foot from JR Uji Station, the tea dormitory of the long-established tea store "Tsuji Ribei Main Store", which has been around since the Edo period, opened in the summer of 2015. The interior of the store, which has been renovated from a building that has long been used as a tea plantation, is a modern space that incorporates indirect lighting and spacious sofa seats while leaving columns and beams. Attention is focused on various sweets using matcha that you can enjoy here.
"Matcha chestnut mont blanc" fascinating with bright matcha brown
"Matcha chestnut Mont Blanc" (540 yen)
"Matcha chestnut mont blanc" is a beautiful matcha cream with a bright color. It's a cookie dough made with seasonal cream and wrapped with matcha cream. This picture is an autumn product, which contains astringent chestnut chestnut and plenty of marron cream. The mellow flavor of a well-established stone mill ground matcha and rich marron cream are the perfect match.
"Uji Matcha Parfait" with sweetness and bitterness

"Uji Matcha Parfait" (1728 yen)
The popular Uji Matcha Parfait is here. Crispy baked sweets such as fiantine, Japanese chestnuts coated with matcha couverture, and white balls are topped with a lot of ingredients, which is gorgeous to the eyes. It's layered, so you'll be thrilled with the last bite. The balance between the bitterness of matcha and the subtle sweetness of other ingredients is exquisite.

While there are several other outlets for take-out products, only the dormitory offers these sweets. Why not experience the taste of a long-established store that has many local fans.

Tsuji Ribei main store (Tsujirihe ehonten)
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41 Uji-Wakamori, Uji City, Kyoto
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10:00-17:00 (L.O)
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