Origin bento, "almost brown mega-sized lunch box" released for 4 consecutive holidays, exceeding 2,000 kcal!!


On July 23, the "Mega-mori Power 2000 Bento" menu will be released at the "Bento/Side dishes specialty stores" "Kitchen Origin" and "Origin Bento". Sale period is until 26th.
Mega-sized lunch box with rice for various fried foods and meat dishes. The menu name "2000" means "over 2000 calories", which means that most adult men can cover most of their daily calorie intake.
"You can share and eat with your family, or you can challenge alone"
Tartar chicken Nanban 1 piece, ginger grilled, fried 3 pieces, cheese chicken 1 piece and rice 300g. As you can see from the photo, the bowl is almost brown.
At the release, he said, "It's good to share and eat with your family, or to challenge alone". However, on Twitter, there were many people who ate alone. Some people are posting posts that can be taken as a notice of the challenge, such as "I want to eat" or "I want to go to the origin" even before the release.
The price is 1000 yen excluding tax. It is limited to 4 consecutive holidays and it will end as soon as the stock runs out, so if you are interested, try early.