New craft beer from Osaka is here! Kansai International Airport motif label is fashionable.

The second craft beer brewery in southern Osaka, "Izumisano Brewing", which has the finest brewing facilities in southern Osaka, has released "KIX BEER", a genuine craft beer.

A new Japanese brand beer is born as the popularity of alcohol in Japan increases

Three types of beer in pursuit of ease of drinking and seasonal special beer
Izumisano Brewing is located right next to Kansai International Airport. As one of the Japanese souvenirs for airport users, we aim to be a Japanese beer brand that can be disseminated to the world.
The brewer is supervised by brewer Tomohiro Shimura, who has won numerous awards for various beers.
Brewing team that loves beer

The concept of Izumisano Brewing's beer production is "beer that you can drink as many as you want." Brewing 3 types of "PALE ALE", "AMBER ALE", and "WEIZEN" in pursuit of ease of drinking.
Also, in the future, "Seasonal special Beer" tailored to each season will be offered with a special recipe.
Serving 3 basic types and seasonal beers under the supervision of an experienced brewer

"PALE ALE" is characterized by a scent like grapefruit and moderate bitterness. "AMBER ALE", which has a coffee-like scent, is said to be light and easy to drink.
"WEIZEN" has a fruity aroma like banana and a smooth bitter taste, and is recommended for people who are not good at beer.

What are the benefits of making craft beer near Kansai International Airport?
Aiming to become a world-class beer brand

Izumisano Brewing makes beer in Izumisano, at the foot of Kansai International Airport. He said that he is anticipating inbound demand that takes advantage of the land, such as a tour of the beer factory and the establishment of a "blue pub" where local residents and tourists can interact.
[Photo] Label design with the motif of Kansai International Airport

The beer label design is handled by Tadada Konaka, one of the well-known Japanese designers. The KIX logo, which is an image of the panel of Kansai International Airport, 24 indicating the direction of the runway of Kansai International Airport, the runway line, the aircraft flying the bottleneck, and so on There is.